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In-Home Personal Care, LLC

We are ready to serve individuals needing only mild assistance with their daily living routines.  We are not a medical service or Home Health, therefore we cannot provide medical treatment.

Welcome to In Home Personal Care, LLC
We are a Personal Service Agency licensed by the State of Indiana, serving families and clients in Northwest Indiana.
We are also licensed to serve in northeast Illinois.
 We understand the growing needs of helping people  to remain in their homes with minimal care as long as possible. Statistics show our elderly population live longer and do better if they
can remain in their homes with their own familiar furnishings and family.
As our elderly live longer and the "baby boomers" are needing to work longer, who is taking care of their parents? The baby boomers are sandwiched inbetween caring for parents, still working, and many are now also helping either financially
or physically to care for their grandchildren.
It's been said: To the world you might be one person, but to one person, you might be the world.  We hope to be the one agency that means the world to you and your family by our word, our deed and example.

For more information or set up an interview with our staff:

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In Home Personal Care, LLC